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Sanmina Corporation is an American electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider headquartered in San Jose, California that serves original equipment manufacturers in communications and computer hardware fields. The firm has nearly 80 manufacturing sites, and is one of the world’s largest independent manufacturers of printed circuit boards and backplanes. As of 2018, it is ranked number 411


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Assembler (Current Employee) says

"Two 15 minute breaks for a ten hour shift, horrible communication amongst management, HR/management talks down to employees, unprofessional work culture, totally unorganized, unsafe/outdated machinery, punishment if you don’t reach their quotas, pay is low. Cons: Short breaks, horrible management, unrealistic quotas"

Quality Technician (MRB Coordinator) says

"This company is big on politics also it’s about who you know and not what you know. You can be condescending you can be derogatory and still be employed in a management position. Supervisors and managers disrespect the workers and they treat the workers like they are not valued. A lot of false promises there they will tell you they would do something for you and they will not. I would not recommend working for the Fort Mill location. Cons: Horrible leader ship"

Molding Operator (Current Employee) says

"Employees are underappreciated. High school gossip environment with an HR rep that does the bare minimum. Do not expect raises or job advancement opportunities."

Access Control Officer (Current Employee) says

"I work security , have never encountered a more disrespectful toxic group of leaders in my professional life. Absolutely no consideration for employees on even basic human necessities or comforts. Everyday is walking into a stressful environment."

Data Entry (Former Employee) says

"Beginning with the facility manager and going all the way down, it is a horrible place to work. Employees had to complain repeatedly to get the facility manager to turn on the hot water heaters so that they could wash their hands. The biggest concern there is saving a dollar today. There is no forethought. And they refused to give me a job title and a job description for two years. Cons: the entire place"

Materials Handler (Former Employee) says

"This is a very large facility with many different positions all of which have their own individual pros and cons. The stockroom of the repair section is mismanaged. Favoritism and nepotism everywhere. Cons: poor management"

Assembly (Current Employee) says

"Lied to us from the start, was told we get a 4 day work week, they made mandatory 5 days with a sixth if they didn't find enough volunteers. Management lacks serious intelligence and social skills. Always yelling at employees and talking down to them. Work and pay are horrible. Safety is not a big concern, and if you bring it up they talk to you like you're stupid. OSHA violations all over the plant. I would not recommend working here. Cons: Lie to you about getting hired on, it never happens."

Test Operator (Former Employee) says

"Supervisors are ok. Never have needed supplies. Scanning guns, trash barrels & chairs are taken. Human Resources does not listen to employees when they have complaints."

tecnico de diagnostico (Current Employee) says

"Muy mala administración, falta de preparación y conocimientos por parte de equipo de trabajo muy malos sueldos Cons: Agencias y además muy malos sueldos"

Technician (Former Employee) says

"A lot of favoritism with the management not good benefits no respect weteen coworkers and management health insurance rate to high no opportunity to advance"

Finsher / driver (Former Employee) says

"Company will get rid of you if people up hire want you gone they care nothing about employees and benefits suck.. Will use you and fire you when ask for raise seniority is everything at this company I wouldn't work here if u had to agian worst pant ever..."

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"asked every day for guidance, was told it would be better to wait until the moment included instruction which in 90 days did not happen. co-worker was away or had someone at their desk 90% so I did not receive the guidance i should have had and was told that I needed to step it up. In order to offer support you need to be given assistance to learn."

Quality Inspector (Former Employee) says

"Horrible job would not recommend at all pay is horrible minorities has no power you have to suck up to management again would not refer anyone to this job EVER Cons: N/a"

Mec. Assembler/ machine oper. (Current Employee) says

"Poor management lots of lay offs poor pay rate dept are mostly lost parts shortage your needed as they go and lied to every chance they have, poor benefits, go to McDonald's your better off"

Corporate Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Unless you are a member of corporate management's family use the job as a starting point. Start looking for better opportunities outside this company ASAP. Never express your own ideas to Senior Management even when asked."

Supply Chain Planner (Former Employee) says

"The total lack of respect from management is beyond a disgrace. You will be called DUMB and talk to and about to other co workers like your trash. The benefits are horrible, pay is pathetic. The entire job could be done remotely but instead they put you in cubicles smaller than my dogs, dog house. No flexibility at all. If you miss work you are shamed and treated horrible. If you're not friends with management or brown nose then this is not the place for you! If you want a job to grow and be treated with respect this is not the place for you! They do not supply you with the basic tools required to do your job, updated computers, monitors (you get a tiny monitor, wore out at that), they will not spend a dime on the necessities needed to succeed at your job. Instead your required to use a laptop that barely runs, freezes up 60 percent of the day, then you get yelled at for not being able to supply timely reports. It is a set up for failure. I have seen 3 co workers have nervous break downs and a few others who are barely hanging on solely because they are the sole income for their families and seem to have no choice but to stay. Or in reality they have been beaten down to the point they truly believe they are as dumb as they are told by the ones who are suppose to be giving guidance and setting examples. If you speak to other co workers with a simple chat, you are belittled in front of everyone to shut up and get back to work, yet the same Leader will chat all day with friends (co workers) about personal issues, yet that's okay. I have been a victim and a witness to nothing but"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"make sure you ask for job clarification, was never told what was expected and never received one on one training, trainer was too busy to do one-on-one"

SR Planner (Former Employee) says

"If you want to work around incompetent management with low pay then this is the company for you. Management and HR are unprofessional and will make up stories and lie. Worst employer ever due to the manager and HR at the time. When i got hired i should have ran like people told me but instead i learned the hard way."

Soldier (Former Employee) says

"Worked for 8 months as A temporary employee solderer and was promised a full time position and never happened. I had to find some stability so had to leave."

Stock room Inventory/Recieving clerk (Former Employee) says

"This place does not appreciate hard working, dedicated workers. Get sick and hospitalized because you have health issues and they get rid of you because you should still be at work even though your in the ICU for a week and are medically excused. Poor management poor pay long hours short breaks place isnt a good environment."

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